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MARBLE ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL MAGIKBOND Marble/Granite finish aluminium composite panel is coated with PVDF fluorocarbon coatings and comes with a great variety of wooden grains for customers to choose from. MAGIKBOND Marble/Granite finish aluminium composite panel is available in many colours and design patterns both in PVDF & PE Coating. More patterns are innovative. For more colour and pattern information, please contact us directly.
MAGIKBOND ACP ADVANTAGES: Aluminium Composite Panelling is: Easily machined - It can be cut, folded, rolled, drilled and punched. Lightweight and bold - No need for substantial support structures. A panel typically weighs 5.5kg/m2. Durable surface - Most surface coatings are guaranteed for over 15 years. Easy alterations - Individual panels can be removed without disturbing adjacent panels. Fire rated – MAGIKBOND ACP provides FR and A2 non-combustible panel as well as regular ACP. No special maintenance - Only a six monthly hose down is required. Excellent acoustic insulator - Due to its three-layered composite material. Eco-friendly - All materials can be recycled. Excellent thermo-insulator - Typical value: 0.19kcal/ C Standard fixing creates an air cavity - Panel can be fixed directly to primary framing or structure.
Magikbond Red Aluminum Partition Panel Magikbond is having the largest collection of solid and metallic colours in APP. Choose one you like😄
MAGIKBOND Polyester(PE) ACP PE Aluminum composite panel structure is essentially composed of three layers which together along with a coating of PE combine to form a highly insulated flat panel. The two layers of aluminum materials are bonded together permanently with an internal core of polyethylene which when coated through PE makes the surface even more flat and highly resistant. The back side is coated with protective paint or customized. Front surface is coated with matt/Glossy PE. Protective film on the top surface can be easy peeled off without any trail.
MAGIKBOND Marble Coating Aluminum Plastic Sandwich Wall Cladding Panel/ACP Marble plastic composite sheet, instead of traditional nature stone, with light weight, easy installation and vivid visual effect , providing 10 years exterior usage guarantee and meets different architectural requirements. Structure Protective film to protect panel surface PE/PVDF coating with clean or colors applied on aluminium sheet. Polymeric membrane composites the aluminiumonto core. LDPE/FR core is made from low density polyethylene or fireproof grade materials. Feature Excellent rigidity and impact resistance Fresh 3D natural marble visual impression Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant Light weight, easy to installation Easy for clean and maintenance. Application Building exterior / interior curtain walls Decoration and renovation additions for old buildings Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies Shop door decorations Advertisement board display platforms and signboards Wallboard and ceilings for tunnels
WOODEN ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANELS MAGIKBOND provided you a lot of Wood Grain varieties to chose from in Environment friendly Aluminium Composite Panels. This is just a glimpse of the large collection that we have. Feel free to contact us for any such requirement.
Aluminum Composite panel is a new material after a series of processing. Aluminum sheet is used as surface which have been polished and coated with lacquer. Polyethylene is its core layer. Aluminum plastic panel was produced by AIUSINGEN in Germany firstly. And then improved through the FORKEN in Holland and ALOCA in America. After the 1900's, the quality was steady and reached higher level. Since aluminum composite panel is composed by two different materials(metal and nonmetal), it keeps the main characteristics of the original materials(metal aluminum, the nonmetal polyethylene plastic). On the other hand, it can overcome the deficiency of the original materials and get numerous excellent performances, such as: luxurious, colorful decorating, anti corrosion, ant hitting, fire prevention, damp proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, astigmatic, light, apt to process, easy to install and carry. It has contribute to shorten the construct period and bring this material to a wide application prospect in not far future. Welcome to leave message to talk more about the ACP development . MAGIKBOND is taking this innovation to a new level.
Magikbond ACP Project
Magikbond ACP Project