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Types of Aluminium Composite Panel As a leading aluminum composite panel supplier, we deeply understand the principle that we are in a increasingly competitive Local & global market, so we must constantly innovate ourselves in order to adapt to the market. What we have implemented is we are striving for aluminum composite wall panels with multiple characteristics and functions. According to our continuous efforts, there are common aluminium composite panel cladding, PE coated ACP, PVDF coated ACP, mirror finish ACP, brushed ACP,corrugated aluminum composite panel,perforated aluminum composite panel,brushed aluminium composite sheet and fire resistant aluminium composite panel, etc. Different types of aluminium composite panel can play an significant role in buildings.
Aluminum Composite Panel Cost When customer is purchase something, what they concern is composite aluminum panels price. In fact, price is often determined by its practical functions and features. The following is aluminium composite panel detail. Aluminum composite sheet owns high strength and light weight. Besides, excellent non-corrosion resistance can keep the color lasting for 20 years. The aluminum composite panel sheets possess the good machinability. In general, we process aluminum sheet at first, then we paint the color that customers demand on the surface of aluminium composite panel sheet. And the sheet of aluminum can be processed into different shapes including plane and sphere with different colors. ACP aluminium composite panel is difficult to be stained. And it is easy to tidy and clean. There is a protective film on the surface of aluminium composite panel. Hence, it has good cleanliness performance. Aluminium composite panel cladding is simple to be installed. It has been processed well in factory, so it only to be fixed. At last, it can be recycled, which has contributed to the environment. Customers need to understand the principle: Value for money.
POLYESTER ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL. Polyester aluminium composite panel refers to ACP coated with polyester coatings. As a leading aluminium composite panel supplier, ALSTROM is supplying ACP with double side polyester coated, and ACP with one side coated with polyester and the other with service coating or mill finish. • Advantages and characteristics - Outstanding color and gloss retention - Superior impact and peel strength - Excellent surface flatness and smoothness - Lightweight, excellent printable surface - Various colors and easy to maintain • Application - Signboard usage and advertisement boards - Building interior wall decoration - Decoration and renovation the wall of old buildings - Decoration of shop door, interior wall, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen and balcony - Alstrom polyester aluminium composite panel is also ideal for using as wallboard and ceiling for tunnels
We offer a comprehensive range in ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL. Our product FIREPROOF ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL is a unique material cored with non combustible minerals. Its excellency is in fire resistance as compared with traditional aluminium panels. Our product range is developed following German standards DIN4102 and ASTM E84-05 grade B-1. It is the complete solution for environment friendly building material having expertise in fire resistance and less gas generation when it burns. Advantages :- Hardly Flammable. Heat Insulation. Peel Strength. Excellent surface & peel strength. Light weight. Easy maintenance.
MIRROR ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL To meet requirements of the interior decoration market, our company developed mirror finish aluminum plastic composite panels. The surface of the mirror finish aluminum-plastic composite panel is made of aluminum sheet that looks like a mirror. Its base is made of anti-corrosion aluminum sheet. The mirror finish aluminum-plastic composite panels have mirror effect with light weight. With a high strength, they are not easy to break, they can be easily bent for processing. Features: Light materials, high strength, high hardness, fine plainness, modern, popular, easy to process, install, maintain and clean, Specification: Thickness: 3mm and 4mm Width: 1220mm
We are dealing in all type of COMPOSITE PANELS. Our offered product WOODEN ALUMINIUM PANEL are light in weight, having various designs and colour available. Kindly contact us for more details & price.
ALUMINIUM PARTITION PANEL. Aluminium partition panel (APP)  consists of two corrosion resistant aluminium sheets and a polyethylene core layer. The front and back aluminium sheet has same colour. Due to multiple colour options,  elegant look and other features APP is very popular these days. Advantages and characteristics - Outstanding colour and gloss retention - Excellent surface flatness and smoothness - Lightweight, excellent surface - Various colours options and easy to maintain Application - Office Partitions and waterproof doors - Signboard usage and advertisement boards - Building interior wall decoration - Decoration and renovation the wall of old buildings  - Decoration of shop door, interior wall, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen and balcony - Alstrom aluminium partition panel is also ideal for using as wallboard and ceiling for tunnels
We are a well known in the market for offering a highly demanded product like POLYESTER ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL. This ACP panel are double sided polyester coated. Its is ideal for exterior wall cladder application. This ACP is widely demanded in the commercial market for its feature like mill finished, remarkable flatness & smoothness, Light weight, & easy to clean. Specifications :- -2 MM3 MM4 MM. Weight (KG/ M2) Thickness of Aluminium is MM. Tolerance panel thickness +/-0.2-- MM. Paint Thickness 21-23-- Microns. Temperature Resistance -50 to 90 Degree C.
Our offer product NANO-PVDF ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL is self cleaning & anti graffiti. This panel is composed of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two 0.5 aluminium skins. It comes with the surface like hydrophobic & lipophobic. The protected part stays clean more longer and also can be easily cleaned with pure water. Features :- Easy to clean. Pollution Resistance. Oil Resistance. Excellent Friction Resistance. Having strong Resistance against Acid & Alkali.